Forgotten lock gates maker

From: Keith Noble, Deputy Chairman, Inland Waterways Association Restoration Committee, Sowerby Bridge.

IN your article about the Bingley Five-Rise Locks (Yorkshire Post, January 7), you report that the new gates were made at Stanley Ferry Workshops and that this is one of only two lock gate manufacturers of in the country, the other being at Bradley in the Black Country.

What about Hargreaves’ lock gates made in Sowerby Bridge?

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They make lock gates for canals and docks throughout the country.

Good advice

From: Carol Harrington, Birstwith, Harrogate.

WHAT a truly inspirational letter from Barrie Frost (Yorkshire Post, January 7, calling for savings to be made by scrapping wind farms, slashing MP numbers, withdrawal from the EU and harsher prison conditions) as he spelt out what I, and many of my friends, think.

But how do we manage to persuade our MPs that this is the way forward?

I will be sending a copy of this letter to my MP in the hope that our economic situation can be taken much more seriously.

No example

From: John Craven, Green Road, Baildon.

SO the honourable Members of Parliament suggest we abstain from drinking alcohol for at least two days a week (Yorkshire Post, January 9).

Does this mean that the bar in the House of Commons where the members drink cheap taxpayers’ subsidised booze will close for a couple of days?