Four answers to the West Lothian question

From: Jack Brown, Lamb Lane, Monk Bretton, Barnsley.

JIM Gallagher’s proposed solution to the West Lothian question (Yorkshire Post, May 5) is very nice for Scotland, Ireland and Wales but would leave the West Lothian question unanswered.

Let the Scottish, Welsh and Irish in the UK Parliament vote on primary legislation, he says, but keep them out of the consideration and amendment stages.

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That’s like the Scottish, Welsh and Irish telling us which meat and vegetables we’re going to have and then kindly letting us decide on the preparation.

His argument for this continued injustice is that the provinces would welcome an English Parliament because it would break up the Union.

Mr Gallagher, the Union has already been broken by Labour governments using Scottish, Welsh and Irish sentimentality to promote European federalism. It can’t be put together again.

There are only two just solutions to the mess these turncoats have landed us in. The first is a new union with abolition of the provincial governments – impossible because of the Good Friday Agreement.

The second is a federal UK with four parliaments. If the Commission does not recommend this, the English should speak at long last.