Get rid of the form-filling

From: Peter Hyde, Drffield, East Yorkshire.

IF the various government-controlled organisations could get rid of the mindset that demands reams and reams of forms to be filled in for every matter they deal with, there would be much more time for proper work to be done.

Nurses spend more time filling in forms than caring for sick people. Police officers have reams of paperwork to complete for every little incident they deal with. Just why all this, often unread, gobbledegook, is required is beyond me.

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Cutting the paperwork would release people to do the job they are paid to do and make the cuts now being forced on us effect the frontline service less painful.

Rate for the job?

From: Stephen Davis. Barncliffe Close, Fulwood, Sheffield.

I AM appalled. Consultants paid up to £113 an hour, £909.60 awarded for just eight hours work and thousands of pounds more given away by Sheffield City Council to an organisation used “to ensure value for money”.

The council’s cabinet member for finance states no council cash was involved but he conveniently ignores the fact that funding from whatever source is ultimately by the taxpayer, even in Sheffield,

Incidentally, in these “cash-strapped” days, he doubtless considers the appointment of a director of integration at an annual salary of £80,000 (plus benefits?) as value for money.

Whether or not the council responds to my request for full information as to what this is all about remains to be seen.

Farm squeeze

From: Ken Holmes, Cliffe Common, Selby, York.

SUPERMARKET bosses are now telling us that they are going to support British farmers more, for their meat products.

Being of a cynical nature, I can see our farmers, to help supermarkets maintain their profits, becoming human lemons, squeezed dry till the pip squeaks.