Getting to Hull takes too long

From: Dr Paul Charlson, Westfield Park, Brough.

I read Jim Dick’s excellent and inspiring article (Yorkshire Post, November 14). He is right that Hull has considerable potential.

However, a real issue is access.

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Many routes into the city have been changed from two lane boulevards to a lane plus a cycle path forcing more traffic onto the A63. It takes my wife longer to travel to east Hull from Brough in the morning than it does for me to drive to Leeds.

Recently, the A63 was slow because a JCB was travelling into Hull at rush hour. It is time road access into the city was sorted out. People are not going to stop using their cars however much the anti-car lobby says otherwise so let us embrace this and make parking and car access to the city superb.

Digital disaster

From: Arthur Quarmby, Underhill, Holme, Holmfirth.

Who was responsible for the decision to enforce on the country the television change-over from lovely analogue to awful digital? The result is a service which is greatly inferior.

Digital is slow and boring. Furthermore, reception in impaired, and breaks in transmission are very frequent. Analogue had none of these shortcomings. This has been a considerable step backwards in the quality of TV transmission. So when is it to be put to rights? Are we to be allowed a rebate on our licence fee in the meantime, and if not, why not?

German desire

From: Idris Francis, West Meon, Petersfield, Hampshire

For the third time in less than a century the economies of Europe are reduced to rubble as a direct result of the determination of Germany to take charge. Will we never learn?