Good riddance to overpaid BBC presenters

From: James Kenny, Westfield Road, Leeds.

LIKE many local TV licence payers I view overpaid Christa Ackroyd’s rumoured departure from BBC Look North as welcome, but this is just scratching the surface. The new presenters are a breath of fresh air.

Meanwhile at Wimbledon we are paying for the views of Boris Becker and John McEnroe. While they are undeniably ex talents and interesting, we can all see what a good shot looks like thanks.

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Match Of The Day and its hosts are prime candidates for a further cull.

What must original character commentators like Dan Maskell, Bill McLaren and John Arlott be worth? All world class, modestly paid and sadly missed.

There are plenty of cheaper opinions, what about retired referees or retired managers if we must have expertise. The like of Dickie Bird and Neil Warnock would offer far greater entertainment.

Finally Christa Ackroyd started on radio so why not move her back there to read the news if we have to pay her contract out any way? Best solution all round.

From: Peter Hyde. Driffield.

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THE BBC wastes the licence payers’ money at every opportunity. Just why do they have to send a presenter and camera crew to film the presenter standing on a bridge over the A14 to tell us that it is to have money spent on it to upgrade it?

Likewise the same happens when there is talk of the A63 Castle Street needing an urgent upgrade in Hull. Again the same happens when it floods or if there is heavy snow.

Surely the BBC have library pictures that would suffice? The only good things that comes out of it is the employment it gives to camera crews.