Government funding for planting of trees is a welcome sight - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Dave Ellis, Magdalen Lane, Hedon.

I am encouraged to read two articles in The Yorkshire Post on consecutive days, August 5 and 6, about government funding being available for planting and maintaining trees in urban parks.

Bringing small woodlands into towns and cities will lead to a healthier lifestyle, both physically and mentally. People will be encouraged to walk more if nature is brought nearer to where they live, and rightly so reduce the air temperature and air pollution in the otherwise ‘urban jungle’ of concrete and tarmac.

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Other benefits are creating habits for insects like butterflies, bees and flies which will help birds to breed and survive.

Trees in urban areas are a welcome sight.Trees in urban areas are a welcome sight.
Trees in urban areas are a welcome sight.

Mental health will improve as being in a woodland will help to de-stress. Groups of trees will provide shade and absorb rain water, and possibly prevent flooding during heavy rainfall.

I hope that both Lord Goldsmith, Forestry Minister and Sir William Worsley, Forestry Commission chair will push for more government funding to train professional arborists. Working with trees is one of the most satisfying careers on the planet.

Councils have another opportunity to plant trees in parks and open spaces by applying for grants from the Department for Levelling Up ‘Parks Fund’ to both improve existing parks and create new ones.

I hope that Council leaders encourage officials to take these initiatives to make all our lives a better place to live and work.