GPs have got it badly wrong with 9-5 working demands: Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Keith Massey, York.

British GP doctors are becoming a sick joke with their arrogant demands of a 9 to 5 job because they can’t see their children. Who else in this country works 9 to 5? If they did, everything would grind to a halt. They must have taken their cue from Dolly Parton.

They need treatment for ‘cloud cuckoo land syndrome’ - particularly when 50 per cent of GPs only work a three day week or retire early. No wonder they are at the bottom of the national respect league - below politicians - which is saying something.

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They are on a salary of £112k to £142k. Their gold plated pension from the taxpayers is better than most National Lottery prizes.

GPs are seeking changes to working hours arrangementsGPs are seeking changes to working hours arrangements
GPs are seeking changes to working hours arrangements

Because of GPs’ laziness all the hospital staff are having to work twice as hard which is unforgivable.

In the first 67 years of my life I had three doctors who knew me inside out and who I had a relationship with and I put them on a pedestal. They turned out day and night and if required they came to my home.

How has this dedication all come to rock bottom?

My only sympathy with them is that they are being penalised by being forced to pay pension contributions beyond the maximum term which is tantamount to theft.

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This is totally unfair and should be immediately stopped by the Secretary of State for Health (whoever that is - you can’t keep pace with the turnover in governments) and has been totally complacent by the minister.

If this action is taken immediately then the government should impose - forthwith - an ultimatum to the BMA that GPs will work shifts across the seven-day week - illness doesn’t conveniently work between 9 and 5 - or sack the lot of them as they are not worth keeping.

President Ronald Reagan did that with the American Air Traffic Controllers and it worked.

Peter Rickaby, West Park, Selby.

One major benefit of living within a free society is that people can chose to spend their own money as they wish.

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Should that be parents paying for a private education for their children then so be it - that is unless you are leader of the Labour party, himself privately educated, who, in search of votes, is happy to play the class envy card, by proposing such schools, were he to be Prime Minister, would lose their existing charitable status.

Every time Sir Keir Starmer speaks, he further illustrates Labour's total commitment to "hypocrisy, greed and envy".

To become a GP has always been considered a calling, a desire to attend to the needs of the sick, always knowing people can fall ill anytime of day or night. Not so any longer, according to the BMA's latest demand.

Doctors will only be available between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday giving more time, courtesy of the taxpayer, to enjoy their six figure salaries - shame on them all.

Alan Chapman, Beck Lane, Bingley.

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Is the UK sleepwalking into recession? It seems so to me - led by the Governor of the Bank of England, aided and abetted by the new Chancellor, all the Media and many inexperienced MPs.

I am 80 years old, lived through several boom and bust scenarios, yet there has never been a recession with 1.3 million vacancies.

Previously three million unemployed or more would have been the normal expectation.

At the same time the UK has 5.3 million welfare claimants of various types, including two million people with part time jobs also taking Universal Credit to top up to a full wage, more than enough to fill all the national vacancies.

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I feel that welfare levels are far too generous. Yet it appears the government is considering increasing Universal Credit by the full inflation rate rather than the lower cost of living index.

They will never return to work.

If millions become unemployed it will be quite illuminating how many will turn for work with all the alleged badly paid NHS, teaching, rail workers, etc, threatening prolonged strikes.

Paul Morley, Ribblesdale Estate, Long Preston, Skipton.

Why are people complaining to the Home Office about hotels being commandeered to house illegal immigrants with weddings and other celebrations being cancelled and genuine guests being made to leave?

If the Home Secretary was allowed to get on with her job these immigrants would be on planes bound for the Rwandan sunshine or back to wherever they came from before the English Channel seawater had dried on their clothes.

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The people to moan at are the aiders and abettors of this illegal immigration - the human rights lawyers and misguided refugee charities who believe all the nonsense they are told by the left wing press about these peoples so called ‘hardship’.