Greedy parking charges are ruining shopping

From: Martin Fletcher, Savile Close, Emley, Huddersfield.

I READ several articles while on holiday in the Lake District. What made it more relevant is that here the car parks are 24/7 and around £1.50 an hour. And no concessions for disabled. I wonder how the OAPs in these villages manage?

The car parks are mostly privately run on council 
contracts so these greedy 
people are well aware of 
what these pirates are doing. I parked in only one town where, for 20p, I could do half an hour’s shopping.

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For the rest I passed them by after checking the rates and did my shopping at Morrison’s and Booths. The village shops got nothing. When they start complaining about shops closing and no work, they can ask their councillors why.

I am not paying £3 for two hours’ parking anywhere. I have a Blue Badge but do not object to a reasonable charge. As we have seen the councils of all hues, everywhere are making a huge profit which is not what charges are for. In Hawkshead, a small Cumbrian village but well-known to tourists, they actually had VPN cameras so how much money do they make? I drove in but only stopped to look at the rates. If I get a ticket there I will have them in court, not the other way round.

To be fair, North Yorkshire is just as bad and so is Devon and Cornwall. If you keep in mind how many OAPs retire to these places and how little public transport runs at the weekend, you wonder how little the councils think of the people who pay their inflated expenses.

I no longer go for a day to Scarborough or any of these places.

Little parking for invalids and disabled and very expensive 
on top.

My local towns are half desolate with few proper shops and rubbish, only half full of stalls and markets.

Rates and parking do that. I no longer go to them. I have several areas I can drive to where all my regular shops and supermarkets have plentiful parking and even if there was a charge, at least I can park there easily.