Green bin shambles in Leeds hits recycling – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Martin J Phillips, Tinshill Lane, Leeds.

The non-emptying of green bins in Leeds is annoying readers in the wake of the COP26 climate change conference.

FOR the past two weeks, the green (recycling) bin collection has been missed on the estate where I live in Leeds and the green bins have been emptied a few days later into the same refuse wagon as the general (landfill) rubbish.

What is the point of national governments having meetings like COP26 to try to save the planet when our local councils can’t even manage to recycle the items that the general public have taken time and effort to sort and clean for re-use?

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From: Jim Cardwell, Head of Policy Development, Northern Powergrid, Castleford.

The non-emptying of green bins in Leeds is annoying readers in the wake of the COP26 climate change conference.

WE welcome the news that new homes and buildings will require EV charging points from next year. This is one of a suite of policies that will encourage the uptake of EVs, which is essential in order for us to decarbonise the energy sector.

However, to really drive the uptake of EVs we need to ensure there is wider access to charge-points across communities.

EV adoption will take off once it is convenient and easy for any resident to charge their vehicle. A combination of policies that support investment in infrastructure across our communities; from remote homes in the national parks to our cities’ busy residential streets, will help ensure that happens.

From: Clark Cross, Springfield Road, Linlithgow.

OVER the last 193 days, on average, gas has been supplying 43 per cent of our electricity and nuclear 19.5 per cent whereas renewables, mostly wind, only could manage 21 per cent.

Drax power plant, which burns wood pellets to provide electricity which is definitely not green since trees are cut down in America and Canada, supplies seven per cent. So why are we demonising gas and nuclear?

We also need gas for cooking and heating our homes and gas is much much cheaper than expensive, highly subsidised, unreliable wind electricity. The UK does not have adequate gas storage capacity. We now have a price and energy security crisis, with the escalating prices hitting industry and consumers.

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