Happy days at Spurn – in spite of the weather

From: Michael Taylor, Gervase Drive, Sheffield.

REGARDING the article on the Spurn Point Bus service reaching the end of the line and the photograph of the lighthouse (Yorkshire Post, June 28), it brought back happy memories of my scouting and fishing days there.

In 1956, Withernsea was to be the venue for our annual scout camp, travelling by train from Sheffield Victoria to Hull then on to Withernsea by the local diesel car service.

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We were to camp in the grounds of a large house on the coast just to the south of the town, but the weather was so bad the owner of the house, a Mr Waller, let us move into a part of his house that had been converted into dormitories for use of the RAF during the war.

The Spurn bus service ran throughout the day then so it was decided we would visit the Point.

I remember calling off on the way to look round a private museum in one of the villages. It turned out to be a long tin shed but was well worth the penny entrance fee.

We then caught the next bus to Spurn and spent the afternoon exploring the old gun emplacements and climbing the lighthouse, being given a guided tour by the two lighthouse keepers.

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We were surprised the lighthouse was all electric as the one in Withernsea we had visited was mechanical and had to be wound up every day.

Years later a few of us returned to Spurn to fish off the old jetty and witness the demolition of the old houses which housed the lifeboat men. I think by then, though, the two hourly bus service had long gone. Happy days!