Heat pumps and green energy’s hidden costs – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Nick Martinek, Briarlyn Road, Huddersfield.

How will homes be heated in the future?

IT is quite easy to get an idea how much the average householder’s annual fuel bill will soar as a result of Boris Johnson’s anti-carbon mania.

Just look at your own gas and electricity bill, where you will find that electricity is over five times more expensive than gas per kWhr (mine is six times). Yet Mr Johnson intends to ban our natural gas.

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The alternative – heat pumps – still require electricity to run. And, of course, cooking must become fully electric – a factor often overlooked by green/government advocates.

Energy policy continues to prompt much debate.

My calculations for my own house – a semi – show that even with a ground source heat pump (installation £20,000) my fuel bill would be nearly 60 per cent higher. An air source heat pump is even less economical, particularly at lower temperatures, and is noisy with it. To go fully electric, my home energy bill would more than triple.

Mr Johnson has chosen the least efficient and most expensive fuel – electricity – for his top-down home heating diktats. Yet, according to the Government, there are no plans to increase electricity production up to 2040. So not only will we face a massive increase in heating costs, there won’t be enough electricity anyway.