Heathrow third runway will hit regional airports - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Paul McGuinness, Chair, No 3rd Runway Coalition, Middlesex.

Could a third runway at Heathrow Airport have ramifications for regional airports?

NOW that the Government has adopted the Climate Change Committee’s recommendations on carbon targets, they 
have accepted that any 
expansion of Heathrow will 
need to be offset by restrictions 
and closures of regional 

The Government’s carbon policy advisers had already stated that there would be no room for a net expansion of aviation in the sixth carbon budget.

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Yet, now, the Government 
has not only committed to reducing carbon emissions by 78 per cent (against 1990 levels) in advance of 2035; but, for the 
very first time, it is demanding that aviation emissions are included within targets for reductions.

What would be the impact of a third runway at Heathrow Airport on wider aviation policy?

So any future expansion of Heathrow, in the already economically advantaged 
South East, would need to be offset by restrictions, such a reductions in operations, or closures at regional airports across the UK.

This could include airports across the North of England. The carbon budget’s mathematics confirms Heathrow expansion will render it necessary.

Such a policy would of course represent an abandonment of the Government’s levelling-up agenda.