High time the UK Governent declared an energy emergency - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Dr G M Lindsay, Whinfield Gardens, Kinross.

As I watch rapidly evolving developments in the EU and the UK, it must surely be time for the UK government to declare an energy emergency.

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Energy crisis inaction could prove deadly - The Yorkshire Post says

Energy is a fast developing issue which will hit us in weeks and must surely take precedence over the so-called climate emergency stated to be a few decades away.

Picture: Rui Vieira/PA Wire.

The UK’s energy needs for the coming winter are claimed by the National Grid ESO to be dependent on imports from the rest of Europe, and yet the EU is itself in an emergency situation with French nuclear generation problems and the severe shortfall of gas from Russia.

This situation must be treated as an emergency by the Government who currently seem to be in thrall of the tiresome and increasingly anarchistic green lobby.