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From: David McKenna, Hall Gardens, Rawcliffe, Goole.

This was Boris Johnson signing his Brexit deal with the EU - has it been a success?
This was Boris Johnson signing his Brexit deal with the EU - has it been a success?

I REALLY do admire the chutzpah exhibited by Jayne Adye (The Yorkshire Post, June 26), but then, as director of Get Britain Out, she would say that, wouldn’t she?

As one who voted to remain in the EU, I have yet to be convinced that we are “better off” having left.

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We read of the hospitality sector struggling to re-open
fully as a result of a lack of staff who erstwhile came from the EU.

This was Boris Johnson signing his Brexit deal with the EU - has it been a success?

Similarly supermarkets are struggling to find 100,000 drivers lost through Covid and Brexit; farmers are leaving crops to rot in the fields as European labour has all but dried up.

We have lost the right to travel and/or work seamlessly in the EU; that part of Ireland called the North in utter chaos; roaming charges being re-introduced abroad and our children have lost out as the Erasmus scheme which has been scrapped and not yet replaced as promised.

However, we “got our sovereignty back” whatever that means. Can anyone explain 
what exact benefits we have gained that we didn’t already have?

Oh yes, we can now welcome Indian citizens as this will, according to Prime Minister Modi, be part of any deal brokered with his country.

Similarly our young people will be free to work in Australia and Australians will find it easier to come and work here as part of that great deal that Liz Truss has sorted.

This is the deal that will, over 15 years, benefit our economy by a miniscule amount. She states the “biggest success of Brexit so far has been the work of Secretary of Trade, Liz Truss”, (once a believer in EU membership, along with several other Ministers including the PM) in getting these amazing deals.

I’m sure that farmers, horticulturalists, soft fruit growers, supermarket managers and fishermen are all grateful for her efforts. The biggest success story that I can see is the proliferation of Union flag manufacturers.

From: Ken Cooke, Ilkley.

ALTHOUGH claiming victories, Jayne Adye’s letter reads like a list of poor excuses for losing – of excusing why Brexit fails to produce any tangible benefits.

Writing in the classic confrontational style of Leavers, as if we were on a war footing, she seems to portray Brexit itself as a battle lost but that now we are winning lesser victories – though ‘the work is by no means done and dusted.’ She must surely recall that it was sold to Leavers as ‘oven ready’.

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