I fought in the Falklands, the British Government cannot capitulate to a far right Argentinian bully - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Richard Godley, Meadowfields, Whitby.

The new President of Argentina Javier Milei is now saying that the Falkland Islands should be handed ‘back’ to Argentina.

The Islands were never theirs in the first place and this new demand is, I suspect, another ruse to divert the parlous state of Argentinian inflation, now running at 185 per cent, away from their general public, just as the Junta did in 1982 before they may have been deposed over the then state of the economy.

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Little has changed in the way Argentina handles its finances in the 40-plus years since then.

A general view of Stanley, Falkland Islands in 2012. PIC: PAA general view of Stanley, Falkland Islands in 2012. PIC: PA
A general view of Stanley, Falkland Islands in 2012. PIC: PA

I was one of those who went South to regain those Islands and cannot see, on the surface, why they would want them.

I have seen virtually all of the Islands from the air as a Navy helicopter crewman both during and after the War. Flying around the Islands and visiting a West Falkland Islander’s farm I chanced to read the geological report on them and very interesting it is.

Apart from wool, squid, coal (the Islands were once nearly all owned by the Coalite Company) and certain rare earths, recently the most interesting sub-surface asset is oil.

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There is probably more oil within the 200nm zone around the Islands than was in the North Sea at the start of operations there.

Seismic surveys with up-to-date equipment have (proved) reserves which could produce over 500,000 barrels per day (bpd) for many years. Yes, Argentina has oil and exports some for foreign currency, but it wouldn’t it be nice for them to get hold of that which is rightfully ours?

I wonder what my 255 comrades-in-arms and the three civilian women’s families who were killed retaking the Falklands would think if any British Government either now or in the future capitulated to another far right Argentinian bully?