If MPs want second jobs, they can train to be carers - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: David Ingham, Ripon.

Boris Johnson. Picture by FRANK REID.

AN MP’s main job and the focus of their attention must be representing their constituents. Many also have extra responsibilities in Government or Opposition.

To do their well-paid job properly wouldn’t and shouldn’t leave much time for other work. If MPs do need or want more work and to earn extra money, then that work should not compromise or detract from their main job.

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The care sector has a shortage of staff, and I can’t think of better experience for MPs than to train as carers. It would help them see our country as it really is, to see how life is for some people, help where they can and earn a bit extra at the same time. Other, more lucrative opportunities should be taken up after their political careers.

In an email that I received from the Government, I was told “the Prime Minister is the ultimate judge of the standards of behaviour expected of a Minister” and “it is the Prime Minister’s responsibility to set standards of behaviour for members of the Executive and to account for the actions of the Government”.

It’s a shame that Boris Johnson sets such low standards.