If Wright took the reward he must bear the responsibility

From: Chris Tate, Morpeth, Northumberland.

Tom Richmond wrote an excellent piece on Shaun Wright (The Yorkshire Post, August 28). He reflected the dismay that we must all feel at the arrogance and foolishness of this career politician. He has failed us all. All we need now is for Shaun Wright to read your words and resign.

Please do keep up the momentum. If he will not be an honourable person, then we must take legal proceedings against his incompetence.

From: David Gray, Buttershaw Lane, Liversedge.

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SHAUN Wright has stated publicly that he does not accept responsibility for the situation other than his corporate responsibility with all the other members of the council at the time. Does this mean that he did not accept additional allowances for the responsibility he is recorded as undertaking?

If he did accept additional allowances surely, he then accepted additional and separate responsibilities and could be guilty of a misdemeanour by not performing to the level at which he was being rewarded.

From: Geoffrey Searstone, Moor Lane, York.

THIS is not a time for bland statements. Nor is it a time for resignations and the prize of a substantial pension pot. It is a time for shaming and sacking. My God – 1,400 victims. Four victims of abuse should have been enough to alert the police, social services and Rotherham Council. There should be no carpet big enough for this disgraceful episode to be swept under.

From: Alan Tidswell, Dacre Top, Harrogate.

IS it not astonishing that the South Yorkshire constabulary can organise a mass search team and a BBC helicopter to film the search of Sir Cliff Richard’s home, but cannot investigate the systematic abuse of 1,400 children on their own doorstep?

From: Phil Hanson, Beechmount Close, Baildon, Shipley.

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IF these authorities have learned anything, then they should now be trawling the streets for the perpetrators of child grooming! If this does not happen, we should demand mass sackings without payoffs of those who were/are responsible for turning a blind eye!

From: GWT Collett, Bold Grove Street, Earlsheaton, Dewsbury.

THEY may say, ‘we have learnt lessons.’ How many times have we heard this phrase before? What they will not do is change their basic attitude of ‘I am entitled.’ They will certainly not hand back their earnings. They will, very likely, go on to have other ‘plum’ jobs at the taxpayers’ expense. Jobs for the boys.