Intolerant Christian females must face reality

From: Jack Brown, Lamb Lane, Monk Bretton, Barnsley.

as a supporter of women bishops (and archbishops), I am vastly outnumbered in my church. Nevertheless, before the defeat of the archbishops’ amendment at the last synod – now amendment 5 (1) (c) – I moved in PCC that our deanery should not support women bishops unless provision was made for churches like ours.

It seems to me appalling that intolerant Christian females resorting to the language of rights should wish to brutally suppress the deeply held beliefs of predominantly female, elderly communicants.

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Of course they cannot do so. All they can do is give them the choice of conformity or desertion of the Church to which they have dedicated their lives. How many churches would have closed without them?

It took almost 2,000 years to accept women priests and it was done, relatively speaking, overnight. The three months given to the House of Bishops to rethink is a measure of the fanaticism of rights culture.

I trust that Christian grace will prevail and that feminist Shylocks are finally made to face the reality that now is not forever.

From: M Summers, Peake’s Croft, Bawtry, South Yorkshire.

DAVID Quarrie (Yorkshire Post, July 10) has unfortunately, a very limited idea of God. He fails to connect the Higgs Boson with all the other universes, and rashly assumes that there is a continuing link between war and religion.

It is true that through history the relationships between people have sometimes been damaged and even destroyed through religion, but envy, greed and territorial demands have been much more the causes of strife.