January 22: Wellbeing and creativity are part of learning

More letters in The Yorkshire Post.

From: Peter Conway, Adaptaboard Limited, 
Ellis Court, Harrogate.

THE important question is how do we stem the stress in schools and engage young children, teachers and parents in learning so that they can all become happy and enthusiastic lifelong learners?

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The financial implication of employing wellbeing heads in all schools when resources are limited is an important one to consider.

Many popular games and activities that engage and 
inspire pupils are supported 
by a grid.

These engaging activities are included in many newspapers – Sudoku, crossword puzzles and magic squares to name a few.

It would therefore seem sensible to adapt the power of a grid, which is connected with so many of these games, to support the effective learning of numeracy and synthetic phonics at both school and home.

One board supporting the “basics” and creating a sense of “wellbeing” would seem to be a positive answer.

Creativity and innovation come from sharing ideas verbally and working together in a team or “hub”. This is when children and adults alike become totally engaged and actively problem-solve. How much of this takes place when young children are sat in front of a screen?