Jeremy Corbyn and Labour’s new anti-Semitism shame – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Elisabeth Baker, Leeds.

WHAT a disturbing photograph of Jeremy Corbyn leaving his home on November 18 with two heavily disguised “minders”, whose faces were completely concealed (The Yorkshire Post, November 19).

Was it the fact that he had been re-admitted to the Labour Party which caused him to feel the need for such threatening-looking protection, or Sir Keir Starmer’s refusal to let him return to the Parliamentary party? Either way, his use of such people was chilling and underlines the fact that the country had a lucky escape in the General Election last December.

From: Wendy Cross, Beverley.

Jeremy Corbyn remains suspended by the Parliamentary Labour Party.

YOUR news correspondent Harriet Sutton has written a one-sided piece following Jeremy Corbyn’s reinstatement.

For example, Margaret Hodge MP is extensively quoted; it is widely known that she has had a long-standing feud against her ex-leader.

There are a substantial number of members of the Jewish community who are members of the Labour Party and who speak well of Corbyn.

During my 55 years’ membership of the Labour Party, which have been played out in various contexts, I have not heard a single anti-Semitic word.

Labour leader Si Keir Starmer says rooting out anti-Semitism is his top priority.

From: Bob Watson, Baildon.

CONGRATULATIONS to the Labour Party for reinstating Jeremy Corbyn’s membership (The Yorkshire Post, November 18).This simply confirms once again that the Party will not be fit to govern for many years to come.

Focus on the man’s policies

From: Malcolm Naylor, Ilkley.

PRESIDENT Donald Trump’s showbiz style was a gift to those who wish discredit his character and more importantly his policies. These sent shivers of fear down the American illuminati and UKestablishment. He had to be removed.

So the establishment mainstream media have had a field day to damage his reputation. Focusing on the man and not his policies is a common strategy and although many were arguably wrong, one legacy that to value is his withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, Iraq and demilitarisation.

In contrast Boris Johnson has just announced a huge increase in spending. Who is he planning to kill and why?

This military strengthening is in preparation for interference in world affairs, social disorder and the benefit of capitalists.

If this country was truly democratic, BorisJohnson would not be allowed to spend our money on the military without our approval.

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