July 1: Never mind the gym, just deliver a comfy seat on HS2

From: Roger Backhouse, Orchard Road, Upper Poppleton, York.

GOODNESS knows what the panel of passengers (The Yorkshire Post, June 23) were thinking of when they thought up their wish list for HS2. On-board shops, GPs and gyms – for heaven’s sake why?

May I suggest a simpler list?

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Comfortable seats with plenty of leg room, aligned with windows to give a good look out.

Wider carriages to avoid the claustrophobic feel of many trains.

Above-seat racks capable of taking more than a slimline briefcase and decent carriage end luggage storage.

No electric motors or diesel engines under carriages, the vibration and noise should be acceptable.

Air conditioning that works.

Sadly, many modern trains such as the Virgin Voyagers and Pendolinos fall well behind the standards set by British Rail with their Mark 3 and Mark 4 carriages. And their best trains were just as fast. Such is the progress of the privatised railway.