July 14: Restful Sunday is for the good of all in society

From: Canon Michael Storey, Healey Wood Road, Brighouse.

VERY often I agree with what Jayne Dowle includes in her articles, but not with her tirade in favour of making Sunday just like every other day (The Yorkshire Post, July 9).

The three world religions, which have their roots in Judaism, have a day set aside for worship and rest. Hence, for Jews, the Sabbath, a word that means “cessation”, is their rest day on the seventh day of the week, in line with the fourth Commandment. Christians changed their day of worship and rest to Sunday, commemorating the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Day, a Sunday. Muslims mark Friday as their day of worship and rest.

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Jayne may well think that is just to do with “God” but it isn’t. Society needs to ensure that there are days of rest, when as many as possible, especially in families, can be together. The once-Christian West even set the calendar to have such a thing as a “weekend”, two days of rest.

I hope and pray that this Government will look to sensible history and maintain, as much as possible, a day set aside – Sunday – for people to be able to spend time together. We have managed for centuries. Surely with all the modern aids to shopping, Jayne and others can arrange to plan to shop without doing it on a Sunday?