July 20: Anybody else short-changed at this York car park?

From: James Colin Smith, Fryston Lane, Ferrybridge, Knottingley.

MY wife and I recently visited York.

We parked at the Barbican Car Park next to the new fire station and across from the Barbican Centre.

The method of payment is that you obtain a ticket upon entry and then place the ticket in a machine when leaving.

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The machine tells you how much you owe and then you deposit that money and the ticket then allows you to leave by lifting the barrier for your car.

The machine told me I owed £7.50p.

I deposited a £10 note but only received 50p from the machine. There is a help button on the machine.

I lifted it and explained the problem.

He replied that he would have to speak to an associate. I asked how long it would be before that person would take to arrive at the car park. (Nobody was at the car park). After a while he told me that his colleague wasn’t available and would I give him my name and telephone number and they would ring me and settle matters. He didn’t say how. Almost a week has gone by and no telephone call. A lot of fuss about £2 you say. But what if this happening on a regular basis? Have other people had this experience?

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