Labour lacking common sense over Kirklees Indian variant - Yorkshire Post letters

From: Colin Richardson, Brandesburton.

West Yorkshire mayor Tracy Brabin. Pic: Danny Lawson/PA Wire.
West Yorkshire mayor Tracy Brabin. Pic: Danny Lawson/PA Wire.

THE Government has identified areas of high Covid-19 infection rates, such as Kirklees, and said if you don’t have to go to these areas then don’t (The Yorkshire Post May 26).

Anyone with more than one brain cell would know this and accept it as good advice. It would appear Jonathan Ashworth, the shadow health secretary, disagrees and thinks the advice should be ignored and let the people wander freely and spread the infection further.

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The new mayor of West Yorkshire appears not to understand and requires clarification. I don’t think that bodes well for her tenure. Politicians complain they weren’t consulted regarding the advice. The Government was not advocating a lockdown but offering advice.

These are the people who were complaining that people should use common sense – and yet appear to show a distinct lack of it.

From: Peter Rickaby, West Park, Selby.

INSTEAD of carping, why do leaders in West Yorkshire not show leadership? Are they not capable of distinguishing the difference between sound basic common sense advice and instruction?