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From: Jas Olak, Vice Chair, Leeds for Europe.

Should Labour be campaigning to rejoin the  EU Single Market and Customs Union?
Should Labour be campaigning to rejoin the EU Single Market and Customs Union?

LORD David Blunkett made sense in a column contrasting the huge sums Germany invested in its successful reunification with the relatively paltry amount the UK Government is putting into ‘levelling up’ (The Yorkshire Post, February 12).

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Indeed, there was more common sense here than we got a few days earlier from former International Trade Secretary Liam Fox, who also called for Britain to emulate Europe’s largest economy. Dr Fox’s grandiose-sounding “Global Britain Commission” lobby 
group claimed we could 
be almost £500bn a year 
better off – if only we were as successful at exporting as Germany.

Should Labour be campaigning to rejoin the EU Single Market and Customs Union?

Dr Fox has form here, of course. It was he who told us in 2017 that an EU free trade deal would be “one of the easiest in human history”. That proved untrue and we’ve been stuck with a Brexit deal that isn’t working as a result.

Lord Blunkett concludes his column by suggesting the Labour Party ought to be “ambitious enough, aspirational enough and brave enough” to commit to German-style levelling up investment. It would be no 
braver to then underpin, leverage and maximise the gains from such investment by pushing to rejoin the EU – or at least negotiate the kind of EU Single Market and Customs Union access enjoyed by two other non-members: Norway and Switzerland.

It would be just more common sense.

From: Terry Palmer, Barnsley.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer.

ANOTHER fool of a Tory joker has opened up criticising Tory PM Johnson regarding ‘partygate’. None other than Sir John Major, who took aim at Boris Johnson by criticising him over the lockdown ‘partygate’ allegations.

Hang on a minute! During his time as leader and PM, wasn’t his own government at the time found to be riddled in sleaze, so much so it led to the election 
of Tony Blair? Now Sir Tony, Glass houses, eh? God help us if we get Starmer, another knight.

From: Pauline Allon, Ilkley.

WHAT does it mean when an MP or Prime Minister misleads Parliament? For a start if goes against the code of ministerial conduct, a set of rules requiring those in public office, including the PM, to comply with the law and to abide by the seven principles of public life also known as the Nolan Principles comprising selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership. Clearly, Boris Johnson has failed them all and therefore must go.

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