Leeds Bradford Airport is wrong site to expand – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Roger Backhouse, Orchard Road, Upper Poppleton, York.

DICK Lindley asks how many of the objectors to the expansion of Leeds Bradford Airport use the airport for their holidays (The Yorkshire Post, February 27).

Probably very few is the quick answer. Air travel remains very much a minority activity in the UK.

Having weighed up the environmental pros and cons, I gave up flying over 10 years ago and won’t restart.

Leeds Bradford Airport expansion plans continue to prompt much debate and discussion.

Whilst I don’t claim to be completely “green”, I’ve enjoyed pleasant holidays by train and ferry to Scottish islands, via LNER and Eurostar to Holland, and, as Anno Domini takes hold of me, I’ve enjoyed short coach breaks in Britain.

Plus there have been shorter visits enjoying Yorkshire’s delights, not all discovered yet.

Flying is not necessary for a good holiday.

Apart from the noise caused and carbon dioxide and other emissions, there’s also the warming effect of high level aircraft contrails.

An aerial photo of Leeds Bradford Airport.

Even by airport standards, Leeds Bradford is badly sited with approach flight paths over a densely built up area.

Not a good place to expand.

From: Barrie Crowther, Walton, Wakefield.

AS I live approximately 25 miles from both Doncaster Sheffield and Leeds Bradford Airports, and not directly involved with the noise and upheaval living near one involves, perhaps I shouldn’t comment?

However my thoughts are it would be better developing Doncaster than Leeds. Doncaster already has long runways suitable for long haul / international flights so a lot less cost and disruption to develop.

I can’t think why this has not been done instead of having to trail to Manchester, perhaps someone can enlighten me?

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