Letter: Visitors will still go to Staithes beach

Staithes beach. by Gerard BinksStaithes beach. by Gerard Binks
Staithes beach. by Gerard Binks
Well into my 81st year, nearly 82 years of being a 'Steers' lass, I have seen and read a lot of changes to Staithes, but the latest beggars belief.

DEFRA has spoken and de-designated it as a bathing site on the grounds of its low usage.

That I cannot believe, it's laughable. It says on the consultation with Scarborough Borough Council's beach usage survey, carried out over 20 days last summer, showed an average of fewer than two people per day swimming in the water, 18 people paddling and 320 beach users, but noted the beach had a large number of visitors.

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Where on earth do they differentiate between visitors and users if they are all on the beach at the same time?

If SBC put as much effort into making the harbour and beach more presentable ie opening up the water flow north and south sides and letting nature take its course, as in the days of my youth, instead of wasting time, effort and money on these daft surveys.

When did this survey take place, in the middle of October, because believe me this is not a fair indication of the usage of the beach, as I see for myself on my frequent trips to our sandy shore.

Anyway it won't make any difference.

Visitors will still come as they have for generations.

Winifred Craig

Cliff Road, Staithes