Letters August 28: EU referendum is our big chance to end this insanity

From: John Sheen, Moor Park Lane, Dewsbury.

THE EU referendum will be the most important vote you will make in your life and it will shape your family’s wellbeing for the future. This valuable opportunity to make the voice of the British people heard across Europe should not be missed.

What started as a “good idea” for improving trade links 42 years ago, as the “Common Market”, has become the most despised European nightmare of modern times. Successive governments have betrayed the British people by stealth, signing away our sovereignty and erasing our identity without batting an eyelid, without any consultation or discussion with the electorate about its enormous impact.

Our forefathers, many of whom died protecting our freedoms and democracy, would turn in their graves. Don’t believe the lies and propaganda that the “big guns” will use, “Jobs will be lost” or “We will lose trade if we leave”. These are the words of desperate politicians hellbent on maintaining their six-figure salaries, not forgetting mindblowing expenses. Just bear in mind the last 42 years of total subservience to Brussels.

Norway, Switzerland and, indeed, China, already do more business with Europe than we do without having the £66m per day financial albatross around their necks.

Britain is the second-largest contributor to the EU budget and that’s why many of the member states are enjoying this unprecedented newfound wealth, much of it from the UK taxpayer.

Brussels, while hitting us with a multitude of EU directives, continue to allow a “back door” immigration system where migrants, shamefully and with impunity, run riot in Calais or Dunkirk disregarding the EU rule of claiming asylum in the first country they reach. Again, down to EU incompetence. They then attempt to make their way to Britain.

We are also seeing thousands of displaced “boat” people landed in Italy or Greece with unknown backgrounds. Once given documentation, they can travel anywhere in Europe, including the UK. This practice is not only undermining the “legal” application process but it is highly dangerous.

My greatest concern for our future, if our people decide to remain within the EU, is what 
the politicians don’t tell us, an ever-expanding EU. Unless you want to see a continuation of 
this abject insanity, and its impact on key public services like schools and the NHS, you must vote No in the forthcoming EU referendum. We want our sovereignty back.