Letters: Check out candidates' views on EU

When deciding who to vote for in local elections an important consideration should be a candidate's support for leaving the EU.
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If the EU pushes through deals such as the TransPacific Trade Partnership then UK voters will lose all power to stop GMOs, fracking, attacks on alternative medicines etc.

The EU and its trade deals are the perfect set-up for anti-democratic multinationals to steamroller over national opposition to their unpopular and dangerous plans.

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Arguing that we can better fight TTIP and TTP etc by being in the EU does not stand up to serious reflection.

The EU is a highly centralised and woefully undemocratic organisation immune to such campaigns.

It only listens to campaigners when they are tame opposition suggesting some sort of increase in EU powers.

The organisations suggesting we stay in the EU are almost always funded by the EU, many national and European green groups for example, as well as the BBC (millions of euros a year).

Patrick Holdsworth

Bermar, Holmpton

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