Letters July 22: Reponsibility not legislation is way to save lives

From: Terence Hollingworth, Blagnac, France.

RE Tom Richmond’s column 
on the deaths of Christi 
and Bobby Shepherd (The Yorkshire Post, July 18) in the Corfu holiday home tragedy 
and the Parliamentary debate 
led by Wakefield MP Mary Creagh.

It is my view, for what it’s worth, that people have to take some responsibility for their own safety.

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I accept that the boiler where one is staying on holiday must be just about the last thing one thinks of, but the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning is common knowledge.

I seem to remember reading that the heating installation in question was visibly dilapidated.

Even though my own boiler is only a couple of years old, I switch it off at night except when it is exceptionally cold just to be on the safe side.

Interesting that although everyone seems to be against EU diktats, you advocate introducing one yourself.

I note that there are around 
40 deaths per year in the UK 
due to carbon monoxide poisoning as compared with around 5,000 deaths in the 
home due to accidents in 
general and 3,000 deaths on 
the roads.

With finite resources, where would you spend your money to save the most lives?