Library cuts do not stack up with plans for the Big Society

From: John Dickens, Southfall Close, Ranskill, Retford.

I MUST challenge the points made about the proposed library closures in the letter from Peter Davies, the Mayor of Doncaster (Yorkshire Post, February 13).

Although I live in north Nottinghamshire, I use Bawtry Library on a regular basis and, especially now I am retired, it has been a real boon for internet access, reading and generally keeping up with what is going on.

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In my experience, the library is well-used by all age groups and the overall ambience is welcoming. Tickhill is not a viable alternative for many Bawtry library-users, since the only sensible method of getting there is by car. This is not a “close Tickhill, save Bawtry” wish. Both serve in access and catchment terms very different corridors. Neither do these cuts stack up with the Big Society.

If more are out of work or otherwise disenfranchised, the obvious place to spend some time, read, meet people and feel part of society is the local library.

All these insidious cuts will achieve is to make a big mess of society. In this region, both Bawtry and Tickhill libraries are required. This whole thing has to be challenged and reconsidered, both at local and national level.

From: John Dawson, Gainsborough Court, Skipton.

I AM fed up with reading about every local authority (especially Labour and even Lib Dems who want to be in government but not responsible for anything), and every vested interest, complain about the coalition’s “savage cuts”.

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First let us lay the blame where it should rest on the last Labour Government which overspent our money as if it was going out of fashion. It did what every Labour government has always done – left an economic mess for a Conservative government to clear up.

Second, there is massive waste in the Government and local councils that can be cut, with non-jobs such as climate change officers and diversity advisers, but many councils are seeking to provoke anger by cutting front line services instead.

Even after these cuts, public expenditure will still be higher in 2014 than it is now. Let us get matters into perspective and realise that this Government has to take measures to reduce excessive public spending to rescue this country’s economy from the previous mismanagement of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and their Ministers.

From: Jack Kinsman, Stainton Drive, Grimsby.

I AM incensed with the draconian cuts being carried out across the country. Libraries, swimming pools, public toilets etc are being closed and millions of British citizens are being put out of employment. Why?

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The Government gave away half a billion pounds in the first five weeks of the year to very, very rich people as “foreign aid”. This money should be spent in our own country on our own people before we give countries like India millions of taxpayers’ money to buy nuclear weaponry – or have I got it wrong?