Liz Truss is behaving like a modern Robin Hood in reverse - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Helen M Smith, Ripon, North Yorkshire.
Liz Truss arrives at Downing Street. PIC: Victoria Jones/PA WireLiz Truss arrives at Downing Street. PIC: Victoria Jones/PA Wire
Liz Truss arrives at Downing Street. PIC: Victoria Jones/PA Wire

Liz Truss has only been PM for a few weeks but she is already behaving like a modern reverse Robin Hood.

After her fateful plan to reduce the 45p tax rate was spectacularly U-turned, she has the gall to say that she favours tax cuts for the rich as that is how the economy will grow. Yes, that old chestnut trickle down economics is rearing its ugly head again. The rest of us should be grateful for the scraps she throws us.

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Apparently the government thinks that people on benefits need to get out and get a job or a higher paid job. This does not take into account whether they are physically or mentally able to get a job or a better paid job or whether any such jobs exist in their communities. A promise to raise the level of benefits to incorporate the rise in inflation now hangs in the balance. Without ordinary people, whose work is essential to the economy, companies will not be able to make money and pay more taxes for our essential services. The government sees little value in investing in public services and favours the “small state”.

Liz Truss’s brave new world of “investment zones” has been put forward to make voters think that they will benefit from more money being put into their communities. In reality these zones are another example of the Tories’ ideological drive towards areas where health and safety and workers’ rights will be secondary to profit. They will build a bonfire of hard won human rights and working conditions and will not stop while they are making themselves and their friends richer.

We need a General Election now.