March 18 Letters: MP’s claim for poppy wreath plumbs depths

From: Terry Palmer, South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley

HOW low can one get? Sarah Champion, Rotherham Labour MP, has not been in the job two minutes yet has just plumbed the depths.

She has just proved that she is no different to the majority of the 649 other friends of hers in the House of Commons by stooping as low as anybody could by actually claiming £17 on her expenses for a Remembrance Day poppy wreath.

She had the gall to bill us, the taxpayer as “office costs” for the tribute, describing her claim as “necessary expenses”.

It doesn’t take these so called peoples’ representatives long to learn how to milk the Parliamentarian expenses system, does it? Of course, like the rest of these robbers, she apologises and will reimburse IPSA. Of course she will now 
she’s been caught with her fingers in the till.

I think we should all feel 
“very sorry” for her because 
of the fact that she can’t afford £17 out of her salary of over £67,000.

Maybe we could organise a whip round involving veterans and serving military to allow her to buy a fitting remembrance tribute in the future?