May 6: Fed-up with a diet of preaching politicians and do-gooders

From: AG Brignall, Hall Park Grove, Scalby, Scarborough.

THERE are thousands of ordinary people living on this lovely small island of ours who are concerned about what is happening here.

We are expanding the population due to the immigration policy beyond 
what can reasonably be supported.

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As a Christian country, we appear to be ashamed of our own parish, and are requested not to use the word God or Jesus in any adverts or cards in case other religious members are offended.

Well if there are people living here who object to our Western lifestyle, or preach hate about it, the exit door would be open and a free ticket to the “Islamic State” where their rhetoric would be appreciated.

I am fed up with the preaching politicians who, in the main, are unfit for purpose and still wet behind the ears, totally out of touch with us ordinary mortals. I am fed up with the human rights ego trippers who use any excuse to keep troublemakers here using legal aid costing millions of pounds. I am fed up with sociologists and all the ethnic minorities who accuse us of being racist when in fact they are the worst offenders.

I am concerned at the insidious influence the “do-gooders” have here in our Parliament. I am fed up with the judiciary’s wig and gown brigade who give more support to the villains than the victims. To us, when someone is given a life sentence for the offence they are in court for, this means life, yet before the criminal leaves the court the media tells us that this means half the sentence.

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I get fed up with foreign companies buying up our successful businesses.

The main duty of the Government is to look after the realm and these annual costing reviews often result in big cuts. I doubt if we are in a position to protect the country in the event of an attack, yet proposals for a very expensive HS2 rail link are at a very advanced stage and our worldwide charity aid to poor countries is set in stone – again costing millions.

I voted for Nye Bevan when he introduced the Health Service after the war, when Labour promised our health needs would be free, including spectacles and prescriptions. The service was the envy of the world.

In the 1980s unaccountable management was introduced 
and Matron pushed into a back room.

There now appear to be two agendas, with no love between the doctors and managers. In my opinion, there is a lot wrong with Great Britain today.