May 6: Voting doesn’t have to hinge on walk to polls

From: Ian Smith, Colston Close, Bradford.

IT’S not often I disagree with Tom Richmond (The Yorkshire Post, May 2), but on the matter of voting mechanisms I have to.

Some 12 years ago I struggled with sciatica, so walking at all, never mind any distance, was very painful.

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There’s been much improvement in recent years, ironically because I committed to daily walks.

However, I’ve had a postal vote from all those years ago, and used it ever since.

I’ve always treated voting as something special and magical, so I’ve never ‘not’ voted.

The responsibility of marking (or on one occasion, not marking) and posting my vote is invariably manifested in a little nervousness and excitement that’s never mirrored elsewhere.

But I suppose I am of the older school of folk who learnt and enjoyed responsibility early.

With a bit of luck, today’s youngsters will be encouraged to accept responsibility and show their civic duty with pride, through what we see as their IT privileges; if we can successfully get through this blame culture.

I do, however, agree with your columnist’s concerns about the election of Neil Kinnock’s son Stephen, even though his wife is the Danish PM.