New look shows Yorkshire’s paper is the definite article

From: Norman Armistead, Cayton, Scarborough.

THIS is just a note to congratulate you and your staff on the new look The Yorkshire Post. It is very appealing to the eye and even more readable. As a regular subscriber I am looking forward to the rest of the week’s issues and beyond. It is indeed THE newspaper for the county.

From: Roy Miller, Malt Kiln Croft, Sandal, Wakefield.

YOUR facelift is fine, though I wish you had not included the word used these days by most journalists. What you call the masthead is the title piece.

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The masthead is what publications carry inside, giving details such as their address, editor’s name and so on. At least it was when I entered journalism 50 years ago. Tempora mutantur, I suppose. All the same, that front page looks great.

From: Geoff Phillips, Wensleydale.

I LIKE the new format. The new type is much clearer and easier to read.

There is one persistent nuisance, my paper having wrinkles down page(s).

Congratulations because there was only one page (sports section) in today’s paper 
that had a wrinkle down the full length. Sometimes there are several.

From: Philip Johnson, Greencliffe Drive, Clifton, York.

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I DO like your new design. As a man who married into Yorkshire, I feel that you should stay true 
to oral tradition and head the front page: T’Yorkshire Post.

From: Tony Lazenby, Rye Croft, Tickhill, Doncaster

YOUR waxing lyrical about the new look Yorkshire Post (oops, The Yorkshire Post) is understandable I suppose.

But I still don’t understand why the paper no longer carries competitions.

Have I missed something here or am I just being a sad old dinosaur?

From: Mr R Thomas, Richmond, North Yorkshire.

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THE Yorkshire Post should be proud of its campaigns and ability to hold Ministers and MPs to account through its columnists.

More people need to start fighting for Yorkshire’s corner – we’re the poor relation in comparison to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Of the public bodies, only Welcome To Yorkshire and the farming groups seem to be able to make a difference.