New party will help those 
in most need

From: Kendal Wilson, Wharfebank Terrace, Tadcaster.

IF poorer people in society are to be represented in a principled fashion, then all the letters to a newspaper highlighting real ground-based issues will never be heard unless there emerges a new working class movement free from the intertwined dogma of Labour, Conservatives and, of course, the Lib Dems.

I have been a stalwart campaigner with Dr Glynn Powell of Kellington for many a long time, to try at the very least to point out some of the core issues that affect and surround the less fortunate in what we still term as a society.

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Concerns that have included the lacking non-stigmatised social housing. People with terminal cancer have been struck off benefits while fighting the rigours of therapies.

David Cameron is beginning yet another onslaught upon many types of welfare benefit, especially housing benefit for the under 25s, some of whom have never been able to find a job however hard they try.

I believe I have knowledge of how the three main parties perceive the less fortunate and it is not good.

With my friend, Dr Glynn Powell, I have set up a new political party. We are just waiting for clearance on registration approval. When complete it will be known as The UK Yorkshire Socialist Alliance Party. We will be there for ordinary, useful people who are pragmatic and productive in endeavour and vision.

From: C Horsman, Coppergate, Nafferton, East Yorkshire.

AS a Conservative supporter, I, like many other people, will 
not be voting at the next 
election – unless David Cameron goes and the party returns to 
its roots.

On American TV, he declared himself a “Liberal” Tory and didn’t know what the Magna Carta was. Yes, one who goes kowtowing, cap in hand, to the minority Liberal Party, to seek permission to act – and makes Nick Clegg Deputy Prime Minister.

The Liberal Democrats should be relocated to the back row.

From: Malcolm Naylor, Otley.

THE Conservatives and their Lib Dem accomplices can be summed up in few words. Tax cuts for the rich. A benefit cuts for the poor.

When it comes to election time that is all one needs to remember. Ignore all the other verbiage. It means nothing. It is what they are doing that matters.

Greed that led to this plight

From: James Anthony Bulmer, Peel Street, Horbury, Wakefield.

OUR present economic and financial mess has brought back memories of 20 or more years ago.

One such memory was seen on television, when the presenter held up a new, men’s two piece suit, saying that this suit was imported into the UK with all duties paid, for £15. It retails here for £65.

Another instance, when talking to a businessman, I found out that one could buy casual beach footwear from the Orient for 20p per pair, which would retail for £1 per pair. Was this the start of entrepreneurship?

Could this have been the reason for the decline of our manufacturing industries and, importing business entrepreneurs? Making millions, and, when our exports became far too expensive, especially with government subsidies, in the nationalised industries.

Now, because of our greed, the imports far exceed our exports. The gap between rich and poor has widened and, manufacturing jobs are far fewer, more so with the advent of technology.

Much as I enjoyed the recent Olympic Games and felt very proud of our gold medal winning athletes, my thoughts were of the £9bn it cost the country only to see the large majority of gold in the form of gold medals, being “exported” to other countries. Could we afford this?

Does North not matter?

From: Rhys Thomas, Richmond, North Yorkshire.

GIVEN the Government holds inquiries into everything, why is it not looking into the flooding that closed the A1(M) – the main through route through Yorkshire – and ensuring that it never happens again? Presumably it is because the North does not matter.

Blame the butler

From: ME Wright, Grove Road, Harrogate.

I AM tempted to follow Ruthven Urquhart’s airport example in claiming that his butler had packed the suitcase (Yorkshire Post, October 8).

However, I can’t help thinking that my Leeds accent would ensure my being strip-searched on the spot.