No excuses for idle students whose litter shames us all – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Robert Frazer, Leeds.

I’VE heard a lot of people make excuses for their lazy dumping of rubbish all over Woodhouse Moor, blaming it on a lack of bins.

This is a childish excuse on the level of infants who throw their toys down as they waddle about, and it simply doesn’t wash.

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You could have a fresh bin every dozen paces and it still wouldn’t be enough for the indolent slobs who simply drop trash where they sit.

he amount of litter left on Woodhouse Moor after the easing of lockdown continues to prompt much debate.

Everyone has a hundred supermarket shopping bags stuffed in a drawer at home – use them.

It costs nothing to have a couple in the bottom of your pack and it weighs no extra and takes no effort to put your leavings in them, safe from smearing anything else that’s also in your pack.

It’s not expensive or onerous. Show some responsibility – bag in, bag out. It’s as simple as that.

From: Shaun Kavanagh, Leeds.

he amount of litter left on Woodhouse Moor after the easing of lockdown continues to prompt much debate.

IT is hard to believe the disgusting aftermath of the recent gatherings on Woodhouse Moor by those flaunting the law and Covid restrictions. What a mess they left behind for others to clear.

It has to be said, seeing the media photographs, that the predominant offenders appeared to be from the student community, people who are supposed to be intelligent, educated and responsible, whereas the reality showed them to be anything but.  

Comments came from students like “there’s nowhere else to go”, “it’s been a tough year for students”.  A question to students: Has it not been a tough year for everyone so, why are students special?  

More comments from students were that they had been badly done to, deprived of the university experience, having had it “ripped away” because of lockdowns, not being able to enjoy nights out, socialise with friends etc.

Do they not realise lockdowns are not about students or university life but actually about saving life?

From: Malcolm Nicholson, Barwick-in-Elmet

IT was interesting to see that those visiting parks where mounds of litter were left were of the younger generation. You know, the ones preaching to us all to save the planet and stop pollution.

Another case of “do as I say, not do as I do”. Why don’t parents teach their kids to leave places as they found them?

Next time they all come out to play, leave the rubbish where they dropped it and see if they return. It could be another way of getting them to social distance.

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

INTERESTING to read (The Yorkshire Post April 5) all the ideas on how to solve the disgusting amount of rubbish that people leave in beauty spots. Would it be a good idea if it was just left?

At least that would mean less people crowding in the area and thereby less risk of Covid spread. Or would they just move to other areas?

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