November 12: Renegotiation vital to making our decision over Europe

From: Coun Nick Allen (Con), Bessacarr Ward, Doncaster.

RENEGOTIATING aspects of the our relationship with the EU before a referendum was a key promise in the Conservative Party’s manifesto. David Cameron is delivering on that commitment.

The idea that we should hold a referendum without at least attempting some form of renegotiation is absurd. The alternatives which could secure a better deal for UK are limited so seeking to change the way the EU works is the most convincing deal on the table. It is only right for us to attempt to pursue change in this way. The proposed reforms could even benefit the UK in the long run if we remain in the EU. For example changing the way benefits are paid could limit payments made by our government to EU migrants. Everyone should welcome the efforts made to ensure that our position outside the Eurozone is recognised and safeguarded. All of this would be advantageous to our country and it would be a very clear break from the present way of doing things. I know many residents in my ward are waiting on the results of these negotiations before choosing which way to vote in 2017. There are too many people in the UK who have never had a meaningful say on our membership and this has caused too much frustration and alarm. I support a referendum because it is time for our voices to be heard.

From: Michael Ellison, Knapping Hill, Harrogate.

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WHILE reading letters and listening to opinions expressed by members of the general 
public (either in TV broadcasts 
or local conversations), the majority of residents of the UK would prefer to remain within the European Union if the powers of the EU Parliament are demoted from legislative to advisory.

It is obvious that this is the main issue that David Cameron needs re-negotiate before any referendum is held in 2017.

Otherwise I suspect that the majority of the electorate will vote to leave the EU.

From: Terry Palmer, South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley.

HERE are more reasons why we should get out of the undemocratic EU as soon as possible. An increasingly authoritarian EU is crushing democratic rights and the UK’s referendum is a golden opportunity for those of us who believe in democracy.

Remember when Italy and Greece had their democratically-elected prime ministers deposed by non-elected EU bureaucrats because their faces didn’t fit?