November 23: No time to be petty over vision for Yorkshire devolution

From: Robert Stevens, York.

IT was a wise person, then a councillor on Kingston Borough Council in the 1960s, who said that local councillors are too big for the small things but too small for the big things.

This cannot be better illustrated by what seem to be petty arguments that seem to taking place between the councils of West, North and East Yorkshire over the matter of a Greater Yorkshire.

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Collectively do they not have the long-term vision to see that this is a great opportunity for a devolved Greater Yorkshire encompassing the whole of West, North and East Yorkshire, together with the cities of Leeds, Bradford and Hull. We are all in danger of missing this great opportunity.

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

WHY is Leeds Council, which continues to plead poverty, able to throw good money after bad by promising £75m for new road links to Leeds Bradford Airport? Surely, in this supposed era of devolution, it should be working with its colleagues to see if a new airport at Church Fenton is feasible, or a major expansion of Robin Hood Airport?

Its recent actions suggest this council does not intend to be a team player when it comes to Yorkshire’s future.