Owfat will keep Yorkshire Water on its toes after sewage worries - David Black

From: David Black, Ofwat CEO.

Reports of sewage discharging into rivers in Yorkshire has, rightly and understandably, caused a lot of distress.

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Swimming in the River Wharfe at Ilkley a public health hazard as Environment Age...

We all expect wastewater companies to treat sewage properly and play their part in protecting our rivers and wildlife.

The River Wharfe in Ilkley was previously branded one of the most polluted bathing spots.

At the economic water regulator Ofwat, we’re pleased to see companies setting out their plans to tackle this important issue.

Yorkshire Water should revisit and reinvigorate their plans as they are falling behind other water companies and failing to respond to customers’ expectations.

We’ll be keeping the companies on their toes, calling for them to be more ambitious and making sure they deliver on their promises, and we encourage you to read Yorkshire Water’s plans and engage with them on local issues that matter to you.

Our full response to their plans is on our website – ofwat.gov.uk.