Please Boris Johnson get us out of the EU as soon as possible – Yorkshire Post letters

From: Phyllis Capstick, Hellifield.

Public reaction is mixed to Boris Johnson's decision to suspend Parliament over Brexit.

MY message to Prime Minister Boris Johnson: Please get us out of the all-controlling, rotten EU as soon as possible.

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For anyone who has forgotten, the result of the democratic vote was to Leave, and to any honest, straightforward, hardworking person of this country, Leave means Leave and nothing more.

Parliament is facing a political and constiutional crisis over Brexit.

It does not mean that we have to make any deals of any sort before we leave. We can be sure that any deals made with the EU would not be for the benefit of this country. The time to make deals with any agreeable associate is after we have left.

From: David Warnes, Hymers Close, Brandesburton, Driffield.

SO Mr Speaker Bercow is outraged, Jeremy Corbyn is appalled and further outrage is expressed by Nicola Sturgeon. Well, good for them. Their spluttering protests do them no credit and their bluff has been called.

Anti-Brexit protesters outside Parliament.

At last it seems that they and the rest of the ‘Remain Gang’ have met their match in our new Prime Minister Johnson, who is actually by his best endeavours trying lawfully to bring about the will of the people and leave the European Union. Now for heaven’s sake, deal or no deal, let us be out of it. Come on, Boris, you can do it!

From: Phil Hanson, Shipley.

HOW ironic it is that the same people who have baulked at the Government’s attempts to apply our democratic choice to leave the EU are now crying that the democratic process is being betrayed. The Government is still negotiating with Brussels and, as such, all is to play for. Now these wastrels are undermining our nation. Voters, please remember this next time we vote.

From: Dick Lindley, Altofts, Normanton.

CONGRATULATIONS to Boris Johnson for his latest outstanding effort to fulfil the democratic wishes of the vast majority of the British people who voted in the referendum to escape enslavement by the anti-democratic EU. If prorogation of Parliament enables us to leave the EU, it will be a brilliant development in our campaign for true democracy. It is not surprising that those MPs who desperately want us to remain in the EU, will now try every cunning manoeuvre possible to deny the British people their freedom. Well done, Boris, keep up the good work on behalf of the ordinary people of this nation.

From: Dave Croucher, Pifold Gardens, Doncaster.

FINALLY some action. Boris Johnson wants to leave the EU a deal, but while he has his hands tied by the likes of Anna Soubry, Margaret Beckett and Philip Hammond trying to take a no-deal off of the table, he has no chance of any kind of deal. I thought politicians were the brainy ones and were business savvy. These people should know that you need take all your cards to the table in any negotiation.

From: Jarvis Browning, Fadmoor, York.

BORIS Johnson is right to suspend Parliament for no-deal Brexit as there is nothing to add, plus the fact the EU are not adding anything new and the other parties have nothing new to add as well. At least this is a start to get something done and move forward, otherwise we will still be stuck getting nowhere because the other MPs just can’t agree or don’t seem to understand that the EU are not negotiating.

From: Michael J Robinson, Berry Brow, Huddersfield.

HOW heartening it has been to hear all the would-be Brexit thwarters running around squawking because their thwarting plans appear to have been thwarted. Marvellous!

From: Aled Jones, Southcliffe Road, Birdlington.

ILLEGAL immigration is an utter disgrace. Why should anyone be allowed to lie, steal and cheat their way into the civilised West? What is a Government elected for if it can’t safeguard its people?

From: Peter Bye, Park Crescent, Addingham.

FOR the remainder of my life when I see an insurmountable problem I shall think: ‘What would Boris do?’