PM’s priorities made clear

From: Coun Colin Challen, Scarborough Borough Council.

DAVID Cameron has had 26 meetings with Rupert Murdoch’s outfit since becoming Prime Minister. How many meetings has he had to specifically discuss the economic future of our region? Given the importance he attaches to it (Yorkshire Post, July 26), I guess it must be at least twice as many, or maybe even a hundred? Perhaps No. 10 could enlighten us.

Costly break

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From: Alan Carcas, Cornmill Lane, Liversedge, West Yorkshire.

THE effect on the economy of the Royal Wedding Bank Holiday among the usual run of Easter and Spring Bank Holidays, with the world and his wife taking an extended break just as they do at Christmas and New Year, should effectively kill the idea of another permanent Bank Holiday at that time of the year. If we must have another Bank Holiday, then October 14, Trafalgar Day, at the autumn half-term, would make more sense.

Cure for ills

From: RC Dales, Church View, Brompton, Northallerton.

I REFER to the headline “NHS to lose 100,000 nurses over 10 years” (Yorkshire Post, July 18) which was the conclusion of a study commissioned by the Royal College of Nursing. If this occurs it will be a disaster, both for the NHS and the public. Such a loss can be avoided.

My recent book The Time Has Come explained how billions of pounds could be saved from frontline services, including nurses.

Pest control

From: Maureen Hunt, Woolley, Near Wakefield.

FOLLOWING my letter about squirrels (Yorkshire Post, July 25), our neighbours and the pest department at Wakefield Council will, no doubt, be relieved and pleased to know that we harbour “rabbits” in our garden, not rats!