Post Office collection box removal in Moortown makes no sense - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Elisabeth Baker, Leeds.

The Moortown, Leeds, Post Office used to be sited inside a Co-Op store on Harrogate Road. That store closed a few months ago and there was no Post Office in the area for a few weeks, but eventually one opened in a Gift Shop a few doors away from the original store.

Some time after the new Post Office opened the collection box, which still stood outside the former Co-Op, was removed.

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The Post Office staff were told that a new one would be placed outside their premises three days later. Many weeks have passed but there is still no collecting box and people wanting to post letters have to do so inside the shop. This is unsatisfactory as the shop is open only for limited hours and, indeed, was not open at all on December 27. All the other collecting boxes in the area have a last collection time of 9am, which in itself is absolutely ridiculous, and about which many people have complained.

A file photo dated 2009 of a Post Office sign. PIC: Lewis Stickley/PA WireA file photo dated 2009 of a Post Office sign. PIC: Lewis Stickley/PA Wire
A file photo dated 2009 of a Post Office sign. PIC: Lewis Stickley/PA Wire

Surely a Post Office must have a collecting box other than one inside its premises, particularly when those premises are not always open.

On December 20, I sent to Royal Mail a written complaint about the failure to install a new collecting box. Their response says that there must be "a post box within half a mile of at least 98 per cent of all 'delivery points' (usually a customer's letter-box) nationally. As the current posting facilities in the above-mentioned area already meet these requirements, I regret that we're unable to meet your request on this occasion."

Yes, there are "posting facilities" but none which provide a service after 9am. The "post box provision" will be looked at again "in May 2025". And this was not a request, but a complaint.

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I emailed a reply to Royal Mail saying that their response was absolutely disgraceful and detailing why it was so. I immediately received a survey on its response, which I completed as soon as I read it.

The survey was supposed to be open for seven days. It came back straight away, headed "The Form Submission Failed. The form submission token either did not match or has expired".

Do you think that this was because I reported in the form that I was very dissatisfied with their response? Royal Mail has shot itself in the foot yet again.