Posting high praise

From: Emma Taylor, Spring Hill, Northallerton.

AS a visitor to Yorkshire, I have been most impressed by the Yorkshire Post, which somehow produces national as well as the regional news. And your leader writers should be quoted every day by the BBC.

I also found the Letters to the Editor very illuminating – a sound board for public opinion. I hope your MPs read them!

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There were two letters which demanded their attention (Yorkshire Post, January 7).

What are the answers to the pertinent questions asked by Barrie Frost? RC Dales also produced sensible answers to the problem of caring for the old and the disabled.

Thank you, Yorkshire Post, for making my visit more interesting.

Border force

From: Alan Tidswell, Dacre Top, Harrogate.

WITH regard to the Government’s intention to reduce the size of the British Army (Yorkshire Post, January 18), rather than swelling still further the ranks of the unemployed with these highly professional and dedicated individuals, would it not make more sense to retrain them then re-badge them into a greatly enhanced effective border protection force?

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This would not reduce the headcount cost to the nation but would surely pay back in spades as the people and drug traffickers would be more inclined to look for other targets for their loathsome trade.

Not elected

From: Charlie Mann, Church Street, Oughtibridge, Sheffield.

REGARDING the Diana Wallis article on democracy at heart of EU (Yorkshire Post, January 16), the European Parliament is fundamentally undemocratic because the leader of an organisation which controls 75 per cent of our laws is not directly elected by the British people.