Potash mine will be good for jobs and economy

From: Colin Foster, Scalby Beck Road, Scalby, Scarborough.

OH dear – the northern Nimbys are at it now. So, Harry Mead doesn’t want to see potash mining developed on the Yorkshire coast (Yorkshire Post, January 14).

How can we complain about folks in the Cotswolds trying to stop the building of the high speed railway line through their lovely countryside when we put up similar objections to industrial developments in our own patch?

We can’t have it both ways – it’s sheer hypocrisy.

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The case for potash mining is the same as for HS2. Both are a boost to our economy and will bring new jobs. People living on the coast need more substantial employment than that provided by the seasonal tourist trade and the mining will offer this. In addition, local businesses will benefit from the extra spending power that comes from their pay packets.

If the development is done sensitively, the environment should not be harmed. This is not the age of unrestrained industrial exploitation, as was the case in the 19th century.

Be real, Mr Mead and any others of similar mind. You can’t live on sentiment and a pretty view.

Our region needs jobs and our ailing economy needs anything that will help our balance of payments.

We are told that the potash extraction could make a long-term contribution to both.

As a resident local to the proposed development, I can see no objection to it if it is done carefully.