Praise for NHS hospital staff

From: Val Ryder, Malaga, Spain.

PLEASE start the new year by publishing some good news about the standard of care for the elderly in NHS hospitals.

My mother spent almost two weeks on the Acute Stroke Ward (44) at Leeds General Infirmary until her death on December 20.

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Every single member of the medical and nursing staff offered exemplary care and went out of their way to ensure that the dignity and comfort of both the sick and their relatives was maintained day and night. They performed their duties with appropriate humour, empathy and humanity in very difficult circumstances. It is a sad fact of life that the actions of a minority often affect the majority, and these “angels” were demoralised because of recent critical comment about their profession.

As a society, we are very quick to complain, but I hope this letter goes some way to redress the balance. There are no words to express my appreciation and gratitude.

Costing a packet

From: Tim Mickleburgh, Boulevard Avenue, Grimsby.

YOU report (Yorkshire Post, January 2) that smokers “underestimate” the cost of their habit, which works out at £2,405 (not £1,800) a year if one smokes 20 cigarettes a day.

Yet this assumes an average price of £6.57 a packet, well above the price I see cigarettes on sale. And it ignores the fact that many these days either roll their own to save money, or smoke what might be termed “knock off” product. So it seems that it is really a case of NHS Smokefree overestimating costs.

Young will lead

From: George Appleby, Clifton, York.

WORLD youth is mobilising a growing hunger for change across the board based on honest fairness and they will have to be listened to. We have three children, six grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

They will not give in. Success to their aspirations. They deserve much better. I would like to see a crisis election with a citizen’s legal duty to vote and a National Government to set the course.