Prince Philip’s unstinting service unites nation – Yorkshire Post Letters

From; Adrian F Sunman, South Collingham, Newark.

The funeral of Prince Philip has taken place after his death at the age of 99.

From; Adrian F Sunman, South Collingham, Newark.

I AM a royalist and, perhaps naturally enough, I was dismayed to read the sentiments expressed by Ian Richardson (The Yorkshire Post, April 14).

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However it was nothing to my disgust upon learning that the BBC had set up a facility for dealing with complaints about “excessive” coverage of Prince Philip’s death.

This was Prince Philip at a Buckingham Palace garden party.

Prince Philip gave seven decades of unstinting service to both Queen and country, often bringing a breath of fresh air to an institution which, due to the nature of its history, could feel a little stuffy sometimes.

If we cannot devote a couple of weeks to honouring his memory and, being generous about the way we do it, we are a poor country indeed.

From: Mrs Susan Abbott, Melbourne Road, Wakefield.

WE were in Wakefield city centre on the day the Queen was handing out Maundy money in the Cathedral. We waited as a family in a street where we were told she would be walking down after the service.

Our granddaughter Holly was two or three at the time and she had a small posy for Her Majesty. Prince Philip was walking on our side. When he saw Holly, he smiled and had one of the bodyguards lift her over the barrier so that she could present her flowers to the Queen. A lovely moment for us. He was a true gentleman!

From: James Buick, Northallerton.

IT is only after the death of noted individuals, Prince Philip being the latest example after our very own Captain Sir Tom Moore, that you appreciate the wider service of the ‘wartime generation’ and their sacrifices on our behalf.

I do hope, as a lasting tribute to both men, we can find a way, as a society, to uphold the values of the Second World War generation as the number of veterans, and eye witnesses, ebbs away.

From: Ryan Scholfield, Leyburn.

JUST to say how much I enjoyed the tributes by the former Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, to Prince Philip – how I would liked to have been a fly-on-the-wall during their conversations. Two men of great service who achieved so much, and championed young people in particular.

From: Ann Morgan, Ilkley.

LET’S hope the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme can be reinvigorated and become an even greater legacy of Prince Philip’s life and times.