Pull together to back Yorkshire rather than point-scoring

From: Ron Firth, Woodgarth Court, Campsall.

There were several items (Yorkshire Post, March 3) of particular relevance to the future of tourism in Yorkshire and thus the economic well-being of the county.

The front page report of the likely setback in tourism funding should prompt all people in authority – MPs, councillors, environmental groups etc – to join forces in protest to the Government to come to the aid of the sterling work being done by Welcome to Yorkshire.

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Their efforts in attracting increasing numbers to the county and, by doing so, creating jobs and increased wealth are particularly praiseworthy in the present difficult economic climate.

It is therefore disappointing, if not surprising, to see Rachel Reeves – the Shadow Treasury Chief Secretary – using the situation as a means of scoring party political points rather than offering anything constructive.

The people with most influence with central Government are the many MPs, of all parties, who purport to represent this county. They should get together on this and, if they do, should be supported fully by the Yorkshire Post to ensure that we are not ignored. The other points are related and are prompted by the letter from Mrs Hunt relating to the abundance of litter blighting, in many cases the beauty spots and attractions so vital in the quest to attract visitors from abroad and elsewhere in the UK.

By far the biggest hazard to the Welcome to Yorkshire campaign is the man-made litter of wind turbines, which, if not stopped, will threaten, by their size vast areas of the county while failing dismally to provide the reliable supply of low-carbon energy we seek. We should be able to call upon the same grouping of MPs, councillors and media to campaign against this unnecessary scarring of our landscapes.

Finally may I suggest that a worthy winner of one of your Environment Awards should be one of the many small groups who have fought or are still fighting, at great personal financial costs, to secure Yorkshire’s cherished landscapes from the threat of the heavily subsidised wind farm promoters.

From: Mrs Sue Platt, Knedlington Road, Howden.

HOW I agree with the letter from Mrs Maureen Hunt (Yorkshire Post, March 3). The litter on the A63 from North Cave towards Hull is a disgrace.

We are all encouraged to take our litter home and yet time and time again I follow people who just open their car/van/lorry windows and throw their rubbish out for someone else to pick up (if there are any public spirited enough).