Put brakes on rogue cyclists

From: Coun Andrew Carter, Conservative Group leader, Civic Hall, Leeds.

OVER the years I have often found Tom Richmond’s column on a Saturday somewhat irksome, 
but I was delighted to see his comments about the antics of certain cyclists (Yorkshire Post, June 15).

On most days of the week as I travel into Leeds Civic Hall, I see cyclists completely ignoring the Highway Code and in some instances breaking the law as 
they frequently “jump” red 

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Mr Richmond is right, it is time the police clamped down on a few rogue cyclists as well as drivers of motor vehicles.

Where blame lies for potholes

From: Brian Sturdy, Honley, Holmfirth.

FURTHER to the letters from Coun Richard Lewis and William Scholfield regarding potholes (Yorkshire Post, June 15), the majority of these potholes and dips/bumps are caused by the utility companies and services inspection covers not being levelled up correctly.

In view of the immoral and exorbitant profits these companies are making, should they not be held responsible?


From: David Davies, Burgess Road, Brigg.

THOSE who speak endlessly about the need for the benefits that will come from HS2 should spend a few hours on the station platforms at Sheffield, Leeds, Doncaster or York, etc and count up the empty seats in the first class portions of any inter-city train.

Not only will it show up the spurious arguments in favour of HS2, but if those passengers were to defect to HS2 then many of the existing services for the “proles” would be deemed uneconomic and would be withdrawn.